VIRTUAL 2021 Fall Marketplace for Schools & Agents  •  October 5-6, 2021
2022 Winter Marketplace for Schools & Agents  •  February 4-5-6, 2022  •  London, England
2022 Fall Marketplace for Schools & Agents  •  October 7-8-9, 2022  •  London, England

About the Workshop

Workshop team

Virtual Fall 2021 workshop

Due to the Coronavirus restrictions, the NABSW ‘in situ’ workshops in London have been suspended, due to social distancing, quarantine and continuing high levels of infection in the capital.

Mindful that this is no time for admissions and student recruiters to be sitting on their laurels, NABSW seeks to continue to support boarding school marketing endeavours, and will for the second time be hosting a VIRTUAL Workshop, Tuesday/Wednesday October 5/6, 2021.

MARCOM has once again been engaged to host the on-line appointments system; there will be five hours of appointments on two consecutive days which will allow for 10 online encounters by Zoom each day, a total of 20 appointments. As is common, participation will be by invitation, and international consultants/agents enjoy high reputations.

The most challenging aspect to the event is that participants will not be in the same time zone. Each day, the timings will be staggered differently.

Tuesday 5 October
6am - 11amPacific Daylight Time, Vancouver, Canada
9am - 2pmEastern Daylight Time, New York, USA
2pm - 7pmBritish Summer Time, London, UK
5pm - 10pm Eastern European Time, Istanbul, Turkey

Wednesday 6 October
4am - 9amPacific Daylight Time, Vancouver, Canada
7am - noonEastern Daylight Time, New York, USA
Noon - 5pmBritish Summer Time, London, UK
3pm - 8pm Eastern European Time, Istanbul, Turkey

We invite you to express your interest in participation by emailing the Director on info@nabsw-edu.com

How it works:

35 schools drawn from all corners of the USA and Canada will participate. As there is large demand for limited places, early registration is recommended.

35 educational consultants/agents representing approximately 15-20 different countries will also participate, by invitation only.

School profiles and the profiles of each educational consultant/agent will be shared with each party. This information will be released to schools only after payment of the fee to participate in the workshop.

Agents and schools are already in the high season for recruiting students for fall admission, so it is an ideal time for agents to add new schools to their portfolios with the possibility of results in six months. It takes time to build relationships, however, so realistically schools should take the long view when evaluating results.

Each school has 20 appointment slots spread over the two days. An electronic appointments system will be in place. The procedure will be as follows: one month before the workshop, when full fees have been paid, schools and agents alike will be provided with a full listing of participants. Appointments can then be scheduled directly online by both parties. On the day of the event, the Zoom interaction will be managed by MARCOM.

Workshop in action


The cost of the package for each participating school (for one delegate) includes a standard table, welcome reception, 2 dinners, 1 working lunch, and refreshments during the two days. Participation costs cover the accommodation expenses of those international consultants/agents with whom school delegates will be scheduling appointments. The package costs US$5,550.

NABSW® is also offering a literature distribution option for those schools unable to attend. This option is limited to six schools per workshop, and the fee is US$500. For more information, please contact info@nabsw-edu.com.

Additional charges:

Cancellation policy:

Once a school has submitted a registration, the cancellation policy will apply. All registrations are considered final and complete; NABSW® cannot accept "provisional" nor "unconfirmed" registrations. If payment has not been made at the time of cancellation, because of tardiness on the part of the participating school, NABSW® will bill institutions based on the following refund policy:

The NABSW® Board will consider all reasonable requests for refund, but their decision is final.


Venue:London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square
Website:click here
Address: Grosvenor Square,
London W1K 6JP
Telephone:+44 (0) 20 7493 1234
Fax:+44 (0) 20 7514 1528

Click here for more details about the venue.

NABSW® Program

Please note that this schedule is provisional and subject to change

Friday February 4, 2022

Arrival and hotel check-in

3:30pm - 4:30pmPresentation on “American/Canadian education for international consultants”
4pm - 6pmRegistration
4:45pm - 5:45pmPresentation for schools entitled “Working with educational agents in the recruitment/admissions process”
6:45pmWelcome drinks
7:15pmWelcome buffet dinner (assigned seating)

Saturday February 5, 2022

09:00amHall opens. Set up tables and schedule last-minute appointments.
09:30amAppointment 1
10:00amAppointment 2
10:30amAppointment 3
11:00amCoffee/refreshment break
11:30amAppointment 4
12:00pmAppointment 5
12:30pmAppointment 6
1:00pmWorking lunch
 Workshop resumes
2:00pmAppointment 7
2:30pmAppointment 8
3:00pmAppointment 9
3:30pmCoffee/refreshment break
4:00pmAppointment 10
4:30pmAppointment 11
5:00pmExhibition Hall closed (and secured) for the night
6:45pmDrinks and dinner

Sunday February 6, 2022

09:15amHall opens. Scheduling of last minute appointments.
09:30amAppointment 12
10:00amAppointment 13
10:30amAppointment 14
11:00amAppointment 15 / Refreshments available in foyer
11:30amAppointment 16 (last appointment)
12:00pmExhibition Hall closes and workshop ends

Sunday afternoon and evening opportunities exist for school representatives to schedule interviews with any interested international students resident in the UK, and for school representatives to organize and host independent alumni receptions for families who may be resident in the UK.

Making Appointments

NABSW® has contracted the Marcom eSchedule Lite online appointment scheduling solution for this event. This online solution greatly streamlines the appointment scheduling process while giving you full control over your schedule.

In early January 2022, all participants will receive their Marcom eSchedule Lite login information. They will then be able to send appointment requests and schedule meetings with each other via the system. Prior to the workshop, participants will simply need to print the PDF version of their schedule.

Marcom eSchedule Lite is provided and supported by Marcom Connect, the leading provider of appointment scheduling solutions for events. Please visit http://www.marcom-connect.com/ for more information.