2019 Fall Marketplace for Schools & Agents  •  4-5-6 October 2019  •  London, England
2020 Winter Marketplace for Schools & Agents  •  January 31 - February 1-2 2020  •  London, England


Testimonials North American Boarding Workshop: Speed Dating Meets Strategic Enrollment Planning - Heather Hoerle, The Enrollment Management Association

Testimonials from Schools who have participated over the past four years since 2013

Interested parties for future workshops can be put in touch with previous delegates for a personal reference.

“The event was extremely well-organized and each of the agents was knowledgeable and asking good questions. This was a very good representation of countries under-served by our current school population. Well done!”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop in London. I really appreciated the time and care you all put into the planning and look forward to working with you again in the future. Thanks again.”

“Well done, Mary, and the whole NABSW® Team! I enjoyed a wonderful weekend and connected with a wide range of agents I would look forward to working with.”

“The event was well-organized, productive, and a great use of my time and resources.”

“Great event to network, well-organized. Job Well Done, Kudos to NABSW® Team!”

“Great conference! You and your team are fantastic, full service! Thank you for a productive and enjoyable workshop.”

“A very belated but sincere thank you for hosting such an enjoyable and productive conference! I am looking forward to continuing a number of the conversations started that weekend.”

“Sign me up for your next event, and should you need any referrals, please do not hesitate to offer my name and contact information.”

“A great way to connect with many agents efficiently and in one place; very smoothly organized, great hotel.”

“This was a very well-organized workshop; I truly appreciated the professionalism with which you approached all aspects of this gathering. I felt so welcome, the accessibility of agents was superb – the format was terrific. I really had the opportunity to get to know people, which is invaluable. Thank you!”

“Very well done! Of the 16 agents I met, only one or two were not really the type of agent I was hoping to meet; the others were excellent. Thank you, it was wonderful.”

“This time of the year is the perfect time for us to attend this kind of workshop. I loved the personalized services I received from the beginning to the end. Keep up the excellent work – thank you!”

“A wonderful experience!”

“Great workshop. Well organized and Fun! Mary, thanks for all your help and for your sincere encouragement.”

“Great event! I always love to maximize the number of agents with whom I can meet, so congratulations on a great job.”

“I so much enjoyed attending the NABS Workshop and I have already told so many colleagues what a great event it was!! I indeed left a happy camper thanks to you and your wonderful team!”

“I want to again thank you for such a wonderful experience during my visit to London. I thought the workshop superb. Just the right number of agencies and schools, the intimacy of which made my conversations incredibly meaningful. This was, yes, my first stab at such an affair but I am so glad I attended. We are already realizing interest, particularly from the Russian consultants but I am confident we made an impression on others. Please do keep us on your invite list for next year.”

“Thank you again for the spectacular success of this event. As I mentioned, I could not have been more pleased with the number and professionalism of the agents, as well as the seamless production of the event itself. Your thoroughness, steady communication, and explicit instructions about tricky details (i.e., taxis, shipping materials, etc.) were so helpful. It was perfect in every way.”

“I just wanted to say "thank you" again for having me at the NABSW® conference! As a first time participant, I thought the event was well thought out and executed. I really enjoyed meeting you, your staff and the agents. I found the conversations to be interesting and productive, and I hope I can attend this event again in the future. London is an amazing city and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay.”

“You and your team continue to produce fantastic events. Thank you for being a gracious host and a warm familiar face! I really believe that it only takes one introduction to a great agent to make a workshop like this worthwhile, and I have met with several this weekend that I hope will be great partners for my school. Thank you, and see you next time!”

“Thank you for another wonderful networking opportunity.”

“Thank you for everything you do!”

“Excellent event. High calibre people. Well-constructed.”

“Another wonderful event, Mary! I thoroughly enjoyed the meetings I had with agents and feel like many of the connections I made this weekend will strengthen over time.”

“This was brand new to me – loved it!”

“This was my first NABS Workshop and it was wonderful. I found my conversations with the agents extremely productive. The setting was certainly much more conducive to real conversation than the much larger agent fairs!”

“Wonderful event! I look forward to returning next year. Thank you!”

“This event was fantastic and very well planned. Thank you for all that you’ve done to make the trip worthwhile.”

“I wanted to quickly touch base with you and say thank you for such a great workshop. It was lovely to touch base with my colleagues and meet some great agents. It was a wonderfully organized and I look forward to returning.”

“Wow, you do such a fantastic job Mary. I am so impressed with your attention to details, and the way you take such good care of all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Again, please accept my deepest appreciation for your good work.”

“We really appreciate your legwork and the variety of consultants at NABSW®. It is hard to make time for that work when we have our day-to-day duties in the office.”

“Thank you again for a great conference! It was a great opportunity to meet many wonderful colleagues along with making connections with agents from around the world.”

“NABSW® has been our most successful agent event. I am so pleased with the follow up from a few of the agents already.”

“As this was my first NABS Workshop, I had high expectations based on all the feedback I'd had prior. I must admit that the workshop lived up to all this "hype" and I am thrilled to finally have participated! Thank you so much.”

“Once again, this was a fantastic event. Because of the connections we are building, each workshop is better than that last. Thank you! I will be back next year.”

“At the risk of sounding like a sycophant, I LOVED this event. You have made it very affordable and comfortable to meet with a wide variety of agents from all over the world in a short period of time. Thank you for this awesome opportunity.”

“Thank you for a wonderful workshop! Good connections were made.”

“The arrangements, the agents we met and the organisation was over the top and outstanding. You made us feel like family. Thank you!”

“Mary, you and your team have perfected the school/agent workshop. There is no other avenue like this available to bring schools face-to-face with those agencies around the world with genuine interest in North American Boarding Schools. Thank you so much!”

“Thank you for hosting this wonderful workshop! I look forward to the next one!”

“Excellent event - nice to meet so many agents focused on North American Boarding Schools. Very well planned - thank you and great job !!!”

“Everything was great. I am looking forward to come back many more times.”

“Another great job, I have no suggestions! Don't change anything.”