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Testimonials North American Boarding Workshop: Speed Dating Meets Strategic Enrollment Planning - Heather Hoerle, The Enrollment Management Association

Interested parties for future workshops can be put in touch with previous delegates for a personal reference.

Testimonials and photos from Fall workshop 2022

Fall Workshop 2022 at the London Marriott Grosvenor Square

“I hope you have recovered from a very busy, but wonderful few days. I have given my praising report to the Admission team here and we agreed that we would love to become a "regular" at the Workshop.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Once again, you have put on THE best workshop for boarding schools and agents. It was wonderful to be face to face once again, and to re-connect with agents and school colleagues. I come away from the workshop refreshed and rejuvenated and so very happy to have had the opportunity to join the conference once again. You and your team are the cream of the crop. Un gros merci – a huge thank you.”

“Thank you again for such a wonderful event! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and your team and having great meetings with such strong agents. I look forward to joining again next year!”

“I wanted to reach out and send you a big THANK YOU for your hospitality and running such an awesome event. It was great making it in person this time and meeting so many great people. I am super excited to see the outcome of these meetings and hopefully be back in London at some point soon :)”

“As always, an amazing event that was organized to the minute detail. What a wonderful event and I appreciate all the hard work you guys do for us all. Thank you!”

“The event was extremely well organized. It was wonderful to be in person again and have the quality conversations. I would also recommend that hotel again. The only thing I would suggest would be to hod the event the following weekend, as it's the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday that first weekend in October so Canadian school representatives are miss that holiday with their families. Having said that, the date wouldn't prevent me from attending. Other than that, I don't think I have any suggestions to be honest. ”

“Overall I cannot say enough about how great the NABSW workshops are planned and executed. You and your team do an outstanding jo of providing plenty of opportunities for agents and schools to connect. My I suggest some type of pre-event explanation about the benefits of single-sex education with a question and answer session afterwards.”

“To me, this workshop is one of the most efficient and well-organized available for boarding schools. I would love the opportunity for schools to be abe to do short intros of their programs at the start of the workshop to allow folks that may not know about us to become interested in learning more. I also think the second day could be a full day as there were many agents I as not able to meet with. I thought the walking tour was amazing and really appreciate that opportunity to connect with colleagues and see London from an expert's perspective. Bethia is a rockstar, too!”

“Thank you for all your help and care. In my four years with my present school, this has been the highest quality event I have had the pleasure of attending. Thank you and your staff/family very much. I look forward to coming back.”

Testimonials from Virtual NABSW® October 2021

From a school in, BC: “Mary, you do always find the gems out there in the world for us to connect with as a group. Thanks again for all your careful work to invite knowledge and well vetted consultants as it shows through - even in as little as a 10-15 minute meeting.”

From a school in MA: “Thank You! This is so well set up and the Marcom platform is so easy to use. I appreciate all the work that has gone into making this happen.”

From an agent in Canada: “It's going wonderfully well. I am so glad I participated again this year. Thank you so much for this opportunity, you are doing such a great job!”

From a school in CA: “I'm having great meetings and making plans to bring new partners to the campus. I'm grateful for the opportunity to cultivate new relationships. That is important to me.”

From a school in CT: “Just a quick note to say thank you for a really useful conference. I was thinking it'd be not quite as strong as the great in person one I did in London 2020 just due to the nature of Zoom, but in reality I think I made better connections this week than there in London. I appreciate all you did to make it a success.”

From a school in BC: “A quick note to congratulate you and thank you for another excellent NABSW®. The platform used was incredibly smooth and the support behind it superb. This really was one of the best Zoom events during the entire pandemic! I found my meetings provided me with a wealth of valuable and insightful information from so many important markets which will certainly aid me in my work. In turn, I was able to update agents about our school – how we have come through these unusual times and our exciting strategic direction. I look forward to continuing the relationships with so many of these high calibre agents and welcoming their students to our school! Wishing you a restful few days now!”

From a school in FL: “Well done! I must say this was the best virtual event I have attended in the past year and half. Well organized, great support, everything went smoothly with exception of my internet connection this morning and I enjoyed each and every meeting. Thank you for your all of your hard work in pulling this off! Hats off to all of the NABSW® folks. Look forward to participating in person in the future.”

From a school in MA: “Thank you so much for all of your efforts in organizing such a successful workshop. As I prepared for a full schedule of appointments in the days prior to the event, I imagined that there would be glitches with the technology, missed appointments, or perhaps an uncomfortable moment or two. What I experienced was all positive! Everything ran smoothly and on time, and the agents were engaging, experienced and delightful. While I look forward to the time we can meet again in person, this event was a wonderful substitute.”

Previous Testimonials (2012-2020)

“This is my second NABSW® event. I am so pleased with the quality of agents I have met and with the results I have had. I am looking forward to strengthen the relationships I have made this time. It was nice to meet some of the people I already work with and update then on our educational initiatives. It is clear to me that the participants of this event are very welcome vetted and the high quality and professionalism shows in every detail. Thank you for inviting us to be part of what you do.”

“Thanks for a wonderful event. Well-organised, warm reception, great quality agents and schools.”

“Winter 2020 NABSW® was a great mix of agents and countries. For me, it was the perfect combination of reconnecting with agents that we know and meeting new agents. Thank you!”

“As always the event was tremendous, and I truly appreciate all the hard work that goes into the preparation for it. An outstanding occasion.”

“What a great workshop. It was only my second, but I thought it was even better than last year. The agents attending were very interested and motivated. I think both Aigul and Ana did a great job in talking about what Agents look for and best practices. The room was great, the coffee access, the wifi, the location of the hotel- all were fantastic. Your staff is so helpful, friendly and attentive! When two of the agents had to cancel for urgencies, your team came to the rescue and introduced me to a few more people that were equally productive. I also appreciate the extra time and energy you and Juliana put into offering a tour. The tour is great-- not only is it fun and interesting to see the London sites together, but it's also a nice way to further network. It gives us a shared experience to come back to whether it's at dinner that night or on a call in the future. ”

“Dear Mary and team, Well done, thank you! I feel the agent quality gets better and better, and the relationships more meaningful. So many friends I have made from NABSW! Thanks again for all your hard work.”

“Thank you so much for a SPECTACULAR event. I had a wonderful experience and walked away feeling like I had made very meaningful connections with agents. Thank you to you and your CLASS ACT team!”

“Thank you so much for making my first NABSW® absolutely brilliant! Its organisation was excellent both prior to, and during, the event. The agents were of a high quality, Mary was wonderful and she has a great team supporting her. The venue and catering were fantastic, too, and I look forward to returning next year.”

“It was great to attend NABSW® London during last weekend. It was amazing, useful and very productive workshop connected us with high quality boarding schools from US, Canada and UK, we definitely going to promote them for our potential clients in our market region.”

“NABSW® is a professional, boutique event allowing agents and schools to meet. Meeting with both current and potential partner schools, along with other agents from across the world really does bring together partnerships of those looking to assist our young people step onto an appropriate springboard for their future. It really is a fantastic event.”

“Thank you again for the wonderfully-organized and hosted workshop!”

“A BIG thank you to the NABSW® team for making an event so wonderful and productive. It is the most incredible workshop I have ever participated in! (and believe me, I've done a lot in 7 years in the field). Great location, hotel staff super friendly and so helpful (I've never come across such nice, smiling and welcoming hotel staff). The food was very healthy and different every day. Good number of schools, easy to find the desks. The idea of making a presentation on the first day was very remarkable. It helps to tune up the needed working atmosphere and find out some useful updates of USA and Canadian market. I was super happy to touch bases with new USA schools and to nail down previous business with our partners from Canada. Agents who were invited were remarkable people. It was very informative to share the experience with some life hacks working with students. It seems, there was no-one not from the 'field'. All in all, everything was on a very high level. I was very inspired to work with the schools present.”

“Thanks so much for the effort you put in to the workshop. It definitely showed. I made some very helpful contacts, met some lovely people, and had a great deal of fun doing it. I'm definitely glad I attended.”

“You and your team hosted another fantastic event. I look forward to seeing you again next year.”

“The event was extremely well-organized and each of the agents was knowledgeable and asking good questions. This was a very good representation of countries under-served by our current school population. Well done!”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop in London. I really appreciated the time and care you all put into the planning and look forward to working with you again in the future. Thanks again.”

“Well done, Mary, and the whole NABSW® Team! I enjoyed a wonderful weekend and connected with a wide range of agents I would look forward to working with.”

“The event was well-organized, productive, and a great use of my time and resources.”

“Great event to network, well-organized. Job Well Done, Kudos to NABSW® Team!”

“Great conference! You and your team are fantastic, full service! Thank you for a productive and enjoyable workshop.”

“A very belated but sincere thank you for hosting such an enjoyable and productive conference! I am looking forward to continuing a number of the conversations started that weekend.”

“Sign me up for your next event, and should you need any referrals, please do not hesitate to offer my name and contact information.”

“A great way to connect with many agents efficiently and in one place; very smoothly organized, great hotel.”

“This was a very well-organized workshop; I truly appreciated the professionalism with which you approached all aspects of this gathering. I felt so welcome, the accessibility of agents was superb – the format was terrific. I really had the opportunity to get to know people, which is invaluable. Thank you!”

“Very well done! Of the 16 agents I met, only one or two were not really the type of agent I was hoping to meet; the others were excellent. Thank you, it was wonderful.”

“This time of the year is the perfect time for us to attend this kind of workshop. I loved the personalized services I received from the beginning to the end. Keep up the excellent work – thank you!”

“A wonderful experience!”

“Great workshop. Well organized and Fun! Mary, thanks for all your help and for your sincere encouragement.”

“Great event! I always love to maximize the number of agents with whom I can meet, so congratulations on a great job.”

“I so much enjoyed attending the NABS Workshop and I have already told so many colleagues what a great event it was!! I indeed left a happy camper thanks to you and your wonderful team!”

“I want to again thank you for such a wonderful experience during my visit to London. I thought the workshop superb. Just the right number of agencies and schools, the intimacy of which made my conversations incredibly meaningful. This was, yes, my first stab at such an affair but I am so glad I attended. We are already realizing interest. Please do keep us on your invite list for next year.”

“Thank you again for the spectacular success of this event. As I mentioned, I could not have been more pleased with the number and professionalism of the agents, as well as the seamless production of the event itself. Your thoroughness, steady communication, and explicit instructions about tricky details (i.e., taxis, shipping materials, etc.) were so helpful. It was perfect in every way.”

“I just wanted to say "thank you" again for having me at the NABSW® conference! As a first time participant, I thought the event was well thought out and executed. I really enjoyed meeting you, your staff and the agents. I found the conversations to be interesting and productive, and I hope I can attend this event again in the future. London is an amazing city and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay.”

“You and your team continue to produce fantastic events. Thank you for being a gracious host and a warm familiar face! I really believe that it only takes one introduction to a great agent to make a workshop like this worthwhile, and I have met with several this weekend that I hope will be great partners for my school. Thank you, and see you next time!”

“Thank you for another wonderful networking opportunity.”

“Thank you for everything you do!”

“Excellent event. High calibre people. Well-constructed.”

“Another wonderful event, Mary! I thoroughly enjoyed the meetings I had with agents and feel like many of the connections I made this weekend will strengthen over time.”

“This was brand new to me – loved it!”

“This was my first NABS Workshop and it was wonderful. I found my conversations with the agents extremely productive. The setting was certainly much more conducive to real conversation than the much larger agent fairs!”

“Wonderful event! I look forward to returning next year. Thank you!”

“This event was fantastic and very well planned. Thank you for all that you've done to make the trip worthwhile.”

“I wanted to quickly touch base with you and say thank you for such a great workshop. It was lovely to touch base with my colleagues and meet some great agents. It was a wonderfully organized and I look forward to returning.”

“Wow, you do such a fantastic job Mary. I am so impressed with your attention to details, and the way you take such good care of all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Again, please accept my deepest appreciation for your good work.”

“We really appreciate your legwork and the variety of consultants at NABSW®. It is hard to make time for that work when we have our day-to-day duties in the office.”

“Thank you again for a great conference! It was a great opportunity to meet many wonderful colleagues along with making connections with agents from around the world.”

“NABSW® has been our most successful agent event. I am so pleased with the follow up from a few of the agents already.”

“As this was my first NABS Workshop, I had high expectations based on all the feedback I'd had prior. I must admit that the workshop lived up to all this "hype" and I am thrilled to finally have participated! Thank you so much.”

“Once again, this was a fantastic event. Because of the connections we are building, each workshop is better than that last. Thank you! I will be back next year.”

“At the risk of sounding like a sycophant, I LOVED this event. You have made it very affordable and comfortable to meet with a wide variety of agents from all over the world in a short period of time. Thank you for this awesome opportunity.”

“Thank you for a wonderful workshop! Good connections were made.”

“The arrangements, the agents we met and the organisation was over the top and outstanding. You made us feel like family. Thank you!”

“Mary, you and your team have perfected the school/agent workshop. There is no other avenue like this available to bring schools face-to-face with those agencies around the world with genuine interest in North American Boarding Schools. Thank you so much!”

“Thank you for hosting this wonderful workshop! I look forward to the next one!”

“Excellent event - nice to meet so many agents focused on North American Boarding Schools. Very well planned - thank you and great job !!!”

“Everything was great. I am looking forward to come back many more times.”

“Another great job, I have no suggestions! Don't change anything.”

“Thank you very much for another great workshop! I really enjoyed your company, the atmosphere and an opportunity to discuss our business with colleagues.”

“Just wanted to thank you once again for an outstanding two days of connecting with agents. I am hopeful these connections will lead to interest and boarders at our school. As usual the venue and organization were top notch.”

“Thank you for including our School in such a well-run, professional event. You put together a wonderful list of agencies and consultants.”

“Thank you again for organizing such a wonderful workshop. My meetings were productive and it was a very focused event. I appreciate having been a part of it and hope to see you again next year!”

“Just a quick note of thanks for the wonderful weekend. Having done many events like this in the past, I have to say this was the most enjoyable. The amount of time was perfect, the agents were thoughtful and professional and the numbers of schools/agents was spot on. Well done to you and your team. It was perfect.”